Luanda is Celebrating its 444th Birthday! Here are two special events you can attend – a free photo exhibition and a music concert that will take you back to the roots of popular Angolan instrumental music. Alliance Francaise invites you…

Exposição “Boda no meu Kubiko” de Ngoi Salucombo: O fotógrafo angolano Ngoi Salucombo apresenta no dia 24 de Janeiro de 2020 as 18:30 na Casa Rede a exposição BODA NO MEU KUBIKO. É uma exposição fotográfica que apresentar-se como uma mostra em live performance, com a finalidade de expor uma visão o mais próximo da realidade, a vivencia de uma família num prédio situado no centro de Luanda. A exposição ficará aberta ao público de 24 de Janeiro a 24 de Fevereiro de 2020, na Casa Rede, Avenida Hoji Ya Henda (antiga Avenida Brasil), nº47, 6º andar. Entrada grátis.

1º Concerto de Música Popular Urbana Angolana Instrumental – O evento terá lugar no dia 25 de Janeiro de 2020, pelas 18h00, no palco do Clube Naval de Luanda, e contará com a participação de uma «elite» de artistas de uma geração vanguardista da música popular urbana angolana de raiz, entre os quais se destacam os solistas, que vão revisitar o grande legado de exímios executantes da música instrumental de Angola.

A DISCO DE VINIL,LDA, mentora e conceptora do Projecto Memória Patrimonial do Cancioneiro Angolano — no âmbito do qual se irá realizar o I.º Concerto de Música Popular Urbana Angolana Instrumental —, é uma editora em fase de construção que vai dedicar todo o seu esforço na pesquisa, promoção e produção da música angolana de raiz, com maior incidência para o Semba, género musical do qual a DISCO DE VINIL, LDA será a sua porta-bandeira. Ingresso : 10.000 Kz. Venda de ingressos no Chá de Caxinde. Tel : 927 75 75 35 / 990 75 75 35.

Now available online, South West Angola: a portrait of land and life, click here to download a PDF of the book. This is the most informative book published to date about southwest Angola, covering the provinces of Namibe, Cunene and Huíla, written in both English and Portuguese, by the Namibian father-daughter team of John and Stephie Mendelsohn.

This comprehensive book brims with images, maps, graphs and charts that capture the faces, spaces and places of the great open landscapes that makes up Southwest Angola, like this magnificent tree, purported to be the world’s largest baobab, which grows north of Xangongo.


Wednesday, June 21, at 20:00, singer/guitarist Teofilo Chanter, who composed some of diva Cesaria Evora’s greatest hits, is coming to the Angola Room on the second floor of the Epic Sana Hotel. The Cape Verdean musician will be accompanied by a four piece ensemble. The concert evening will be kicked off by Luanda’s own Banda Maravilha. The six-member group has been around since 1993 and will feature their innovation of Angola’s famous Semba music.

Tickets are on sale at the office of Alliance Française or at the website:
General public: 2500.00 AKZ
Students and seniors over 60: 1500.00 AKZ
The concert is brought to you by Alliance Française in partnership with Air France.

Banda Maravilha, photo Alliance Française

Teofilo Chantre, photo Alliance Française


 Watercolor of the Bay and Old Port of Luanda, from the book from the book Luandando by Pepetela.

Watercolor of the Bay and Old Port of Luanda, from the book Luandando by Pepetela.

In January 2015, Luanda will celebrate 439 years of existence. Founded in 1576, it is one of the oldest cities established by Europeans in the Southern Hemisphere. Built for Portuguese settlers, Luanda’s main commerce initially focused on slavery. Today expensive development projects have dramatically changed Luanda’s skyline. The Angola Field Group invites you to a presentation, “Luanda: Landscapes and People”, a historical overview of the city, with Dr. Angela Mingas, Professor of Architecture at Lusíada University, on Thursday, October 2nd at 7:45 PM (note our new starting time) at the Viking Club.

Dr. Angela Mingas is an Architect and Writer as well as a specialist in Anthropology. She obtained her Master’s and Ph.D in Architectural Heritage. She has studied Education, Architecture and Anthropology at various institutions, including the Instituto Técnico Profissional de Educaçao in Angola, Escola de Belas Artes in Lisbon, Universidade Técnica and University of Oporto in Portugal. She is the Founder and coordinator of the School of Architecture and the Centre for the Study of Art, Architecture, Urbanism and Design at Lusíada University and is Director of the Research Center of Architecture at Lusíada University in Luanda. Since it was founded in 2006, she has been the Curator of the Forum of Architecture in Angola. As of 2009, she has worked as a Consultant to the Council of Ministers. 

Angela Mingas, photo courtesy Development Workshop.

Dr. Angela Mingas, photo courtesy Development Workshop.

Dr. Mingas is one of the organizers of Campanha Reviver, a campaign to preserve Luanda’s heritage and as part of this movement, will be organizing a historic City Tour for members of the Angola Field Group. Details available on Thursday.

Everybody is welcome to attend. In close cooperation with the Viking Club, this event is offered free of charge. Beverages and snacks are sold at the Viking Bar which opens at 7:15 PM. Coupons must be purchased. The Viking Club is on the main floor of Edificio Maianga, Rua Marien Nguabi, No 118 in Maianga, across the street from the Panela de Barra restaurant. You can download a map showing the location here on our website:

For sale that night, books about Angola, in English and Portuguese.



***An update from the organizers: There is an opening of the exhibition today (Thursday, Sept. 4) at the Museum of Anthropology (Coqueiros) at 6pm; Then there is a concert (with Victor’s instruments and a half orchestra) on Friday at Hotel Royal Plaza (Talatona) at 9pm; Then there are a series of workshops in the following week: this Saturday at 1.30pm is a workshop for kids (8yrs and over) and at 3.30pm a “music and technology” workshop.***

On Thursday, September 4th, there will be a presentation at the Anthropological Museum in downtown Luanda by Victor Gama, a renown Angolan musician, composer, instrument designer, and the man who knows the most about music do povo, the people of Angola. The event starts at 1800 hours. The Museum will be launching an installation created by Mr. Gama, of musical  instruments. The event is open to the public as part of Fenacult celebrations. Click here to read Ned Sublette’s interview with Victor Gama, published by

Come celebrate the true spirit of Christmas, Thursday, December 5th at 8:00 PM at the Viking Club, with ‘Voz dos Anjos’, (The Voice of Angels). Singing a capella and accompanied by the African drum, this choir of 50 young men and women will move you with their joyful sound. Directed by Mestre Jose Mendes, the choir will perform a combo of traditional Christmas songs in English, Portuguese, and local languages of Angola. Their three CD´s, including the latest TUKEMBELELA NZAMBI, will be for sale. Everybody is welcome to attend!

In close cooperation with the Viking Club, this event is offered free of charge. Beverages and snacks are sold at the bar, coupons must be purchased. The Viking Bar opens at 7:30 PM.

Christmas shopping: Small and large handwoven Tchokwe baskets from Zambezi Women´s Cooperative; Mutti Farm Honey from Moxico; Natural Medicine books; Angolan children´s books; The Huambo Atlas plus other books about Angola in English.

The Viking Club is on the main floor of Edificio Maianga,  Rua Marien Nguabi, No 118 in Maianga, across the street from the Panela de Barro restaurant. For a map, go to our Join Us page here.

A Voz

A Voz dos Anjos (The Voice of Angels)

Mark the date: Get into the true Spirit of Christmas! Thursday, December 05, A Voz dos Anjos (The Voice of Angels), a choir of young Angolan men and women will perform at the Viking Club at 8:00 PM.

Everybody is welcome to attend. In close cooperation with the Viking Club, this event is offered free of charge. Beverages and snacks are sold at the Viking Bar which opens at 7:30 PM. Coupons must be purchased. You can download a map showing the location of the Viking Club on our website here.

The Viking Club is on the main floor of Edificio Maianga,  Rua Marien Nguabi, No 118 in Maianga, across the street from the Panela de Barro restaurant.