Angola is one of the top diamond producers in the world but who has ever seen the brilliance of a certified Angolan diamond after it has been cut and polished? The Field Group has been invited to visit the Angola Polishing Diamonds Factory in Talatona, Friday November 12, at 10:00 AM to view firsthand Angolan diamonds being professionally cut and polished. For security reasons we need to limit the number of participants so please only sign up for this trip if you are certain you can attend. You are responsible for your own transport. Directions will be given to participants.
Sign up by sending an email to: You must include your name, passport number and country, and your  position/occupation.

We plan to drive from Talatona south to the Palmtree plantation located a few kilometers before Barra da Kwanza where we will have a tour of this huge nursery and lunch pending final approval from management.