Tour of the Lunar Landscape (Miradouro da Lua) south of Luanda before Barra da Kwanza August (date to be confirmed. Check the blog next week for complete details). Leaving the city at 9:00 AM and returning in the afternoon. Hike to the outcrops below the view point of the Lunar Landscape with geologist Tako Koning. This will be followed by a picnic and swim at the nearby private beach, no fee but pack your own lunch and drinks. Four wheel drive required.

Hippo Viewing in Kwanza Sul –August 21, 22, 23. This is the best time of the year to see the hippos in the waters near Ebo, a tranquil agricultural town in the heart of Kwanza Sul. The dates coincide with the town’s annual celebration time so evenings the Field Group is invited to join in the festivities. The itinerary includes a visit to a famous battlesite where Angola defeated South African forces during the civil war and a visit to the forteleza of Quibala and prehistoric rock art. Accommodation will be in a local hospadagem with camping available. Meals provided. More details to be posted on blog next week.

Experience Life in a Remote African VillageSeptember 11, 12, 13. Once again the Angola Field Group has been invited to Festas Populares dos Luandos which will take place in a village located outside the southeast corner of Quicama National Park. We will celebrate the culture of the Kissama peoples with dance, theatre and other activities. Local delicacies such as stewed baobob leaves will be on the menu with all food to be prepared by the community women. To get to the village we must drive from Luanda southeast to Dondo, about 180 km, and then 30 km south of Dondo we will head west and drive off-road for about 60 km. Depending on the road conditions, it can take up to 7 hours to reach the village. We will leave Luanda early Friday morning, September 11, spend all day Saturday enjoying the festivities, and then depart for Luanda early Sunday morning. It is absolutely necessary to have a strong 4 wheel drive vehicle to make this trip and extra jerry cans of fuel will need to be carried along. Tents and sleeping bags and mosquito nets are required although some space is available in homes on sleeping mats. All participants are required to attend a meeting at the Viking Club with the festival organizers beforehand, date to be announced on the blogsite.

back by popular demand September 17 (public holiday) 18, 19, 20. Fresh air and exercise in the Planalto and a visit to Angola’s cleanest and possibly nicest city. In addition to a day out in the hills hiking and an historic tour of Huambo, we hope to visit the site of an old iron mine. A more detailed itinerary is being drawn up and will be posted on the blog in two weeks time. Accommodations and meals will be in a homestay. Flights are available daily Luanda-Huambo.

All Angola Field Group trips are at your own risk and have limited space. To sign up for any of the above field trips, check the blogsite next week for further details including prices for the last three trips and instructions on how and when to sign up. Do not sign up until the date stated in the blog. There will be no further announcements or details sent to you via email except announcements about future presentations which we will continue to email to  Field Group members. To join our email list visit our Join Us.