Dr. Tim Kubacki is a medical mission doctor based in the small isolated village of Cavango in the province of Cuando Cubango in Angola. “Bush medicine is essentially learning to practice among the severely impoverished in a very low-resource setting,” he says.

Mornings, patients and their accompanying family members arrive for the daily morning talk about improving physical and spiritual health.

“We are in the heart of malaria season, treating many cases daily. One great encouragement this year is the small number of life-threatening cases and deaths compared to other years, and the rare number arriving with symptoms lasting longer than three days. This is the fruit of years of public health instruction, and the population recognizing the prompt recovery for those who seek treatment, and the trust that has developed in our care.”

Evenings, many accompanying family members sleep on the ground by an open fire, as do some patients.
This man is 99 years old and sought our help for back pain from working in his field…
This beautiful girl is on her way home after returning with Mission Aviation Fellowship (transport by air) from CEML (a well-equipped mission hospital in Lubango) and life-saving surgery to repair an intestinal perforation secondary to typhoid.

Read Dr. Tim’s recent blog post here about how he confronts the challenges of treating patients in rural Angola. All images courtesy Dr. Tim’s blog.