A team of 45 researchers has brought together all that is known on Angola’s biodiversity in a free book, Biodiversity of Angola – Science & Conservation: A Modern Synthesis (2019, editors: Brian J. Huntley, Vladimir Russo, Fernanda Lages, Nuno Ferrand), an open access multi-authored book that presents a ‘state of the science’ synthesis of knowledge on the biodiversity of Angola. The book identifies Angola as one of the most biologically diverse countries in Africa, but notes that its fauna, flora, habitats and the processes that drive the dynamics of its ecosystems are still very poorly researched and documented.

The above images from the book are an example of woodlands converted by repeated hot fires into shrub lands in Bicuar National Park, Angola. These satellite images from Google Earth were taken between 1984 and 2016. The red line marks the western border of Bicuar National Park. Courtesy Biodiversity of Angola (chapter title: Landscape Changes in Angola).

Click here to download the book (420 page PDF).