Celebrate the true spirit of Christmas, Thursday December 11th, 7:30 PM, with Goshen, a group of eleven lively guys who sing Gospel Music with Neo Soul and Jazz influences, and touches of African music.

Goshen refers to the fertile land given to the Israelites when they moved to Egypt to escape famine (Genesis 45:10). Like the Biblical Goshen, the group wants their music to be as a green pasture refreshing lost and broken souls. “We want to bless the Lord and his people with our music.” Music will be in English, Portuguese, and local languages. Everybody is invited to attend this free performance at the Viking Club (click here for location details).

Christmas Shopping from Angola: woven hand bags from Moxico, bamboo stools from Lunda Norte, Huambo Dolls, honey from the Zambezi Valley, African print bags and pot holders sewn in Lubango, natural medicine from Bie. And of course books about Angola including children’s books.