Bird and nature conservation in Angola needs public input. The Angola Field Group invites you to a presentation at the Viking Club, Thursday May 1st at 7:30 PM with Conservation Biologist Michael Mills, the foremost expert on Angola´s birds. Michael will highlight the challenges and problems facing Angola´s birds/wildlife and discuss what the priorities are for a Bird Conservation NGO. (Please note, due to the holiday the presentation will kick off half an hour earlier than usual.)

Michael Mills has been working in Angola for more than 10 years. His work has included improving knowledge of birds and their habitats and running practical, community-based conservation at Mount Moco in Huambo province, central Angola ( He has led outings for and delivered talks to the Angola Field Group. Currently his work represents the BirdLife network in Angola,  ( and now he and a group of concerned individuals are seeking the formalisation of an Angolan NGO to take forward and expand on this work.

Everybody is welcome to attend. The talk will be in English. In close cooperation with the Viking Club, this event is offered free of charge. Beverages and snacks are sold at the bar, coupons must be purchased. The Viking Bar opens at 7:00 PM! You can download a map showing the location of the Viking Club on this website’s Join Us page. The Viking Club is on the main floor of the former Swedish Building at Rua Marien N”Guabi, No 118 in Maianga, across the street from the new Panela de Barra restaurant.

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