Now confirmed, Turtle Trip, to Musserra in Zaire Province, 25 km north of Ambriz with Agostinho Neto University Biology´s turtle conservation project, January 17 – 18. The Angola Field Group will join biologist Michel Morais and his research team from Agostinho Neto University for our annual Turtle Trip to watch the females come ashore to lay their eggs. This year we will visit the project at Praia Kissemba, about 6 hours north of Luanda.

Requirements – you must be self sufficient in terms of camping and food. 4 wheel drive required. We will be leaving Luanda on Friday morning at 7:30AM  in order to get to the beach in time to set up camp and explore the area. We will leave the beach on Saturday before noon so we can get back into Luanda before dark.

To register for this trip, you must have valid documents since the trip crosses two provincial borders. Email: Henriette Koning at and please indicate:
•    names of participants and cell phone number
•    do you  have room in your vehicle for an extra passenger, keeping in mind camping gear takes up space
•     if you will be leaving from the city or from Luanda Sul 

 All Angola Field Group trips are at your own risk.


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