Luando river at dawn; Madrufada no rio Luando.

“The Luando river just before sunrise…”

Family photo with project booklets; Foto de família com as brochuras do projecto.

The shepherds of the Luandos Reserve with their project booklets

“But the most worrying factor were insisting reports of poaching, brought to us by the shepherds. Poaching does seem to be closely linked with several diamond operations established along the Kwanza river, as they create an increasing demand for bushmeat, and this remains unchallenged. And of course, well armed poachers, not only are a permanent threat to the animals, but they put the lives of our shepherds in danger…”


Young Mercury as dominant; Jovem Mercúrio como dominante.

Magnificent Mercury, the first born of our “new” Cangandala

 Visit our Giant Sable page to read biologist Pedro Vaz Pinto’s Second Trimester 2013 Report with photos from Angola’s Cangandala Park, in English and Portuguese.