Dr. Bernardino and his wife Dona Inocência.

Dr. Luis Bernardino and his wife Dona Inocência.

In March 2013 the Angola Field Group was honored to have Angola’s renown pediatrician, Dr. Luis Bernardino, as our guest presenter. For some of the almost 200 people in the audience, it was an emotional moment for them to re-connect with the doctor they remember from their childhood. Click here to download the powerpoint presentation.

The esteemed doctor and father of two, who has worked in Angola as a pediatrician for 38 years, told the audience that the number one killer of children under five is infectious lung disease followed closely by malaria. The good news is that the number of deaths of children under 5 is declining,  but poverty needs to be overcome before Angola can celebrate healthy children.
ppt1Dr. Bernardino also stressed the need to focus more on basic services in the form of community health centres and hospitals (both slides are from his presentation).
pp2Dr. Bernardino, who was born in Huambo in 1937, was Director of the Pediatric Hospital from 1998-2012 as well as being the Head of the Medical School Pediatric Department from 1980-2010. He completed his primary and secondary school in Angola. He received his Liscence in Medicine from Lisbon. In 1963 he deserted the colonial army. He was a General Practitioner in Algeria for four years and a resident in the National Health Service in the UK for six years. In 1972 in London he was granted his licentiate from the Royal College of Physicians and became a Member of the Royal College of Surgeons. Then in 1973 he got the Diploma in Child Health in Glasgow, Scotland before returning to Angola in 1974 to work as a pediatrician.

The pediatric hospital in Luanda is named the ‘David Bernardino Pediatric Hospital´ in memory of Dr. Luis Bernardino’s brother, also a medical doctor, who was killed in Huambo by UNITA during the war.