One of Cangandala's exotic creatures.

One of Cangandala’s exotic creatures.

“As for the animals, as always there are new developments to report, and this time a huge surprise was registered. While observing a herd inside the sanctuary in January, we couldn’t believe our eyes when we spotted Joana among the group!

… As the rainy season progressed, the animals did split into several smaller sub-herds, at one given time apparently into 4 groups, one group with old females and the old bull Duarte…”

Visit our Giant Sable page to read biologist Pedro Vaz Pinto’s First Trimester 2013 Report with photos from Angola’s Cangandala Park, in English and Portuguese.

Ol' Duarte back in business! O velho Duarte de volta à acção!

Ol’ Duarte back in business!