turtle scan0002
Did You Know?

  •       Turtles have been around more than 200 million years while humans have only been on earth 5 million  years.
  •       Out of every 1000 baby turtles born, only 1 or 2 reach adulthood.
  •       The sex of a turtle is determined by the temperature in the nest.
  •       After birth, male turtles will never come ashore again while the females come up to land only to lay their   eggs.
  •       Turtles can swim long distances, even across oceans.
  •       Turtles are a threatened species in the world today.
  •       The number of turtles has declined significantly in Angola.
  •       It is against the law in Angola to catch a turtle or to dig up its nest, resulting in a fine of up to 100,000 kwanzas or 1000 USD.