Remnants of the biggest tank battle fought since World War II, are still seen in the province of Cuando Cubango.

The Angola Field Group congratulates Halo trust for receiving the two prestigious awards, see below. In April 2012 the Angola Field Group participated in a trip to Cuando Cubango to follow the source of the Okavango Delta. We were very grateful for the advice and information given to us by the de-mining organization Halo Trust. They showed us with maps what parts of the province had already been de-mined and what areas to avoid. They also took us on a tour in Cuito Cuanavale where they are presently working. Cuando Cubango is the province in Angola that has the most landmines and saw some of the fiercest fighting during the war. Thank you Halo Trust for being concerned about our safety during this fieldtrip and for the advice you offered us for the whole of our journey through this province.

Angola Field group member treading carefully through field being de-mined by Halo Trust in Cuito Cuanaval.


Angelina Jolie, Google Earth Outreach and The HALO Trust announce the launch of “Explore a Minefield”

Tours of mine-affected areas are created for viewing  in Google Earth software and narrated by Angelina Jolie, a longtime HALO supporter, taking viewers to Cambodia and Angola. “Explore a Minefield” shows how mine clearance has allowed families to return home, land to be used for agriculture, roads to  be re-opened, and children to walk to school safely – in short, communities to thrive.  It also shows viewers minefields that remain in villages and still require clearance.


At the UK Charity Awards 2012 HALO won the Overall Award for Excellence, and the category award for International Development and Aid.

Halo Trust kept us well informed of the areas we travelled through in Cuando Cubango.