“The year of 2011 ended in the most tragic fashion, when unexpectedly our dear friend Kalunga Lima, passed away. He was a remarkable filmmaker and photographer who had just about finalized his documentary on the giant sable project. We had made several trips together in the bush, both in Cangandala and Luando, and I feel privileged to have shared those moments with Kalunga. If I lost a great and true friend, the giant sable lost one of its most enthusiastic and relevant supporters. And the country lost simply the best professional in his field, one that cannot be replaced in the foreseeable future.”
– Pedro Vaz Pinto, Environmental Advisor for the Catholic University Centre for Scientific Studies and Research, Founder Palanca Negra Gigante Conservation Project

“This is very very sad. I join all of you in mourning Kalunga’s passing-on. This is a great loss for his family, country, friends, and the scientific community. He was such a role model to many. I wish his family all the strength during this difficult time.”
– Dr. Fredrick Manthi, National Museum of Kenya

Photos of Kalunga Lima by Pedro Vaz Pinto.