The Geology Museum now houses this life-size model of the Angolatitan adamastor.

Due to popular demand, this trip is being repeated again on Saturday, December 10th. Sign up before December 6th by emailing:

The Angola Field Group invites you to a guided tour of the University of Agostinho Neto’s Geology Museum, Saturday December 3rd at 10:00 AM, with Geologist Tako Koning.  Come and take a firsthand look at the varied collection of mineral specimens and fossils  including parts of the Angolatitan adamastor, which is Angola’s first dinosaur discovered in 2005 about 70 km north of Luanda.  Today, the Geology Museum houses a life-size model of the Angolatitan based on bones excavated by a team of paleontologists from Southern Methodist University (USA), University of Maastricht (Netherlands), Universidade Nova de Lisboa (Portugal) and Agostinho Neto University.
Other fossils in the museum include Cretaceous-age petrified tree trunks and 1.1 billion year old fossilized algae.

The Department of Geology of Agostinho Neto University has kindly agreed to open the museum for the Field Group’s first ever visit. The museum is at street level, on the Marginal, between the TAP office and the small old Catholic Church, Igreja Nazare. We will meet on the sidewalk in front at 10:00 AM sharp. We will spend about an hour and a half and for those interested, we will then visit the National Museum of Natural History in Kinaxixi, home to the only fully mounted Palanca Negra in Angola.

Children are welcome. No charge for the Geology Museum. We are keeping the group down to 30 attendees so sign up as soon as possible by emailing Henriette:

This 13 meter long herbivore lived about 90 million years ago.