The Viking Club is pleased to invite its members and friends to a special screening of one of the prizewinners of this year’s Luanda Film Festival – ALL IS WELL (POR AQUI TUDO BEM), and to meet its director.  It will be shown in Portuguese with English subtitles.

ALL IS WELL is the first feature film directed by Pocas Pascoal, an Angolan filmmaker based in Paris. Intimate and semi-autobiographical, its purpose, as Pocas puts it is: “to portray a young generation fractured by war, parted from its origins and in danger of losing its identity due to exile.”

The film will be shown at 20.00 on 1 December 2011 at the Viking Club.

In the late summer of 1980, Alda and her sister Maria, aged 16 and 17, arrive in Lisbon to escape the civil war in Angola. Left to themselves, they must learn to survive in a foreign city that was the capital of the former colonial power and became a refuge for thousands of African refugees and immigrants.  As they become women, they have to build a new life from scratch and learn how to cope and adapt.  In the early 80’s, thousands of such young people lived in a sort of no man’s land, between a past that they could no longer return to and a future that didn’t seem to exist. And it is precisely at that time of great uncertainty, when only survival seemed to matter, that we find the characters of this film. They represent the community of newcomers which hugely increased with the years, and contributed to the social transformation of Portugal.

This event is organized by the Viking Club, the oldest recognized voluntary association of expatriates and Angolans in Luanda. Founded in 1991  by Swedish /Nordic citizens in Angola, its purpose is to promote social and cultural exchange. As a properly constituted association, the Viking Club is enabled to serve refreshments and alcoholic beverages on its premises to its members and guests. While entry for guests is free, they are invited to apply for membership. The Viking Club is on the main floor of Prédio Sueco Maianga, 118 Rua Marien N’Gouabi, across the street from the new Panela de Barro restaurant.