The Viking Club is pleased to inform its members and friends that the official premiere in Angola of the powerful new Swedish/South African film about coming to terms with the horrors and sacrifices of the Angolan Civil War MY HEART OF DARKNESS will be on Sunday, 20 November 2011, at 18.30 at the Cine Atlantico. The film, which Viking Club members had an exclusive opportunity to see in advance in September, is being shown as part of the Luanda Film Festival, along with other Swedish films being screened that same day. The co-producer of the film who plays a leading role in it, Marius Van Niekerk, will be present at the premiere. All are invited and welcome.

November 20, 18:30, Cine Atlantico, Luanda

Four veterans of Angola’s civil war, from different sides, journey by boat down the Kwando River on a voyage through their past and its nightmares. Once they tried to kill each other, but 20 years later the former enemies are searching for understanding, forgiveness and reconciliation. Shot against a spectacular backdrop of African savannah, MY HEART OF DARKNESS is a film about unthinkable suffering and brutality, of disappointment, but most of all of hope. Of how a common fate and shared traumas steer the course of four lives on a journey that will change them for ever.