The Dinosaur Hunters are back.  Thursday, June 30th  you are invited to a presentation at 8:00 PM at the Viking Club, “The Ancient Life of Angola, a Closer Look”. Dr. Louis Jacobs, internationally recognized dinosaur expert who presented to the field group in 2009, will update us on the ‘extraordinarily spectacular’ results uncovered during the team’s last years of fieldwork in Angola. Also, Dr. Michael Polcyn, expert on the giant sea lizards, Mosasaurs, will discuss Angola’s marine reptiles. Both paleontologists teach at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, USA. Click here to download a Word document with more project details including plus presenter bios.

The presentation will kick off with a preview of footage of an upcoming film documenting the paleontological expedition which is known as Projecto PaleoAngola. Projecto PaleoAngola is a collaborative international scientific research program focused on exploring the ancient life of Angola but which also aims to work with Angola’s educational system at all levels to train students and create an interest in science. The rich paleontological finds and the tenacious scientists who uncovered them will be featured in an upcoming documentary  written, directed, and produced by Kalunga Lima of LS films, based in Luanda Angola. Click here to download a PDF project presentation of PaleoAngola or visit for more details.

Everybody is welcome to attend our presentations which are offered in close cooperation with the Viking Club. There is no charge. The talk will be in English. Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and snacks are sold at the bar. The Viking Bar now opens at 7:30 PM!  (For sale, books by NGOs, in English.)

If you would like to have a map showing the location of the Viking Club, please visit our Join Us page.  The Viking Club is on the main floor of the former Swedish Building at Rua Marien N”Guabi, No 118 in Maianga, across the street from the new Panela de Barra restaurant.