Kumbira Forest, Kwanza Sul.

Nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. An opportunity to travel off the beaten path with environmentalist and bird expert, Michael Mills (for more on Angola’s birds, go to www.birdsangola.org). You will be camping and need to be self sufficient in all aspects including transport. A four wheel drive definitely a necessity. You can accompany Michael on all or part of his trips as per the schedule below. To attend contact Michael Mills at michael@birdingafrica.com and his phone number: 934-969865. On your email please ‘cc’ angolafieldgroup@gmail.com since Michael is travelling in northern Angola and not always within communication range.

11 May 2011 Wednesday
Drive to Mount Moco

12 May 2011 Thursday to 15 May 2011 Sunday
Mount Moco
16 May 2011 Monday
Drive to Kumbira

17 May 2011 Tuesday to 19 May 2011 Thursday

20 May 2011 Friday
Drive to Luanda

Summit of Mount Moco in Huambo province. Photos courtesy Michael Mills.