Big game hunting, cannibals, pioneering oil exploration, and vignettes from life in Angola in 1917-21 – that is the subject of  a special illustrated  presentation prepared for you by members of the Viking Club.  As a present to get you into a genial Christmas spirit, it will take place on 2 December at 20.00.

The presentation will be based on the fascinating memoirs of a young American geologist, Chan Beebe, who together with his wife Elizabeth, was sent by his company in 1917 to search for oil in what was then known as Portuguese West Africa.  Chan and his wife were genuine pioneers, exploring and recording their adventures in areas that few Europeans had ever ventured in.

From Chan’s account and the photographs he took, there emerges a vivid picture of how very much different life and nature
were in Angola just under a century ago. It also provides an insight into the mentality of the colonial period complete with the residual thinking inherited from the era of slavery and the passion for big game hunting which became associated with it. Chan nevertheless maintained a keen sense of humour and his stories and pictures of early Angola are guaranteed to enlighten and amuse.