Angola’s famed mulatta slave trader back in the 19th century, Dona Anna Joaquina, will be the topic of the Angola Field Group’s presentation Thursday, October 14 at 8:00 PM at the Viking Club. Our guest speaker, American author Lynne Duke, will present some key findings she uncovered about the life of Anna Joaquina dos Santos Silva and the difficult global archival search that has allowed her to coax this notorious figure out of history’s shadows. She will also talk about the slave trade from Angola to the Americas and mainland Europe, especially the logistics of the trade from Luanda, Ambriz, Cabinda and elsewhere.

Lynne Duke is writing a book on the slaving life of D. Anna Joaquina, provisionally entitled “The Baroness,” to be published in 2012. (Anna Joaquina often was referred to as the Baroness of Bungo.)  Ms. Duke spent nearly 21 years as a writer for The Washington Post, including four years (1995-1999) as the newspaper’s Johannesburg bureau chief. She traveled frequently to Angola, as well as Zaire/D.R. Congo, Rwanda, Zimbabwe, and elsewhere. Her first book was Mandela, Mobutu and Me: A Newswoman’s African Journey (Doubleday, 2003). She retired from the newspaper in 2008. Read more at

Everybody is welcome to attend the presentation above. In close cooperation with the Viking Club, this event is offered free of charge. Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and snacks are sold at the bar, coupons must be purchased. The Viking Bar opens at 7:30 PM!

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If you would like to have a map showing the location of the Viking Club, click here. The Viking Club is on the main floor of the former Swedish Building at Rua Marien N”Guabi, No 118 in Maianga, across the street from the new Panela de Barra restaurant.