The Angola Field Group has been invited once again to participate in the Festa dos Luandos, September 10, 11, 12. This is a great opportunity to experience first hand what life is like in an African village. Situated just outside the borders of Quicama National Park, participants can choose to camp in the woods near the village or stay in a traditional hut with a family. Some of the events you will be part of include thrashing the bean harvest, collecting and tasting freshly tapped palm wine, dramas and poetry recitals, practicing the dances of Luandos and a chance to purchase organic wild honey. All meals will be prepared by the cooperative of the local women.

Sign up for this field trip on Thursday September 2nd at the Viking Club at which time those who need a lift can team up with those who have extra space in their vehicle. There will be a short orientation meeting with the organizers of this trip at 8:15 PM on Sept. 2nd and they will answer all your questions and talk about their community’s festivities celebrating the ‘week of reconciliation’, when former natives of Luandos return ‘home’ and reconcile themselves with their traditional culture.

To reach Luandos, one takes the road to Catete then head southeast to Muxima (there will be time for a quick visit to see Angola’s famous Mama Muxima shrine in the church) and then south along the eastern boundary of Quicama National Park to Mumbondo before cutting inland, east to Luandos on a rough bush road. Four wheel drive required. Children are welcome as long as parents accept full responsibility.

There is a charge of $150.00 per person for the three days to pay the community women for the food and the carrying of water from a distant well for showers, etc. If you want to participate, please sign up on Thursday, September 2nd, 8:15 pm at the Viking Club. Please note that I will not be organizing or participating in this Luandos-sponsored-trip this year. For further information please contact Altino Nunes ( ) at 912302953 or Alfredo at 926610157. All trips are at your own risk.