After seven good years of extremely high levels of economic growth, Angola is now experiencing a very difficult 2009 according to World Bank economist Ricardo Gazel who will be the Angola Field Group’s guest presenter on Thursday, August 27, at 8:00 PM. Angola was hit hard by the financial/economic global crisis and among other negative impacts in 2009, the country faces flat economic growth, fiscal and current account deficits, devaluation of the kwanza, scarcity of foreign currency, and higher unemployment. Has the crisis created any opportunities? What should be expected in the short, medium and long runs? What can be done to reduce the dependency on oil in order to avoid the extreme variations that come with oil prices? Come hear the answers this Thursday, August 27, and learn all about Angola’s Economy: the Recent Past, Present, and Future.

Our guest presenter Dr. Ricardo Gazel is Senior Economist with the World Bank in Angola. A citizen of Brazil, he received his B.A. degree in Economics from the University of Minas Gerais. He worked in the private and public sector in Brazil and spent one year conducting economic research in the Brazilian Amazon. He completed his graduate education at the University of Illinois, where he received an M.A.and Ph.D in Economics. Prior to joining the World Bank, he worked in the U.S.A for the Inter-American Development Bank, Federal Reserve Bank and the University of Nevada. He has published many articles, book chapters, and monographs in the area of regional growth, the impacts of international trade on regional economies, and the economics of gambling.

Everybody is welcome to attend this presentation. In close cooperation with the Viking Club, this event is offered free of charge. Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and snacks are sold at the bar, coupons must be purchased. The Viking Bar opens at 7:30 PM! For sale, books about Angola, in English. If you would like to have a map showing the location of the Viking Club, visit the Join Us page. The Viking Club is on the main floor of the former Swedish Building now called ‘Edificio Maianaga’ at Rua Marien N”Guabi, No 118 in Maianga, across the street from the new Panela de Barra restaurant. See you there!