Landscape of Ebo.

Landscape around Ebo – fields scattered with inselbergs.

AUG 10 UPDATE: The Hospedaria Ebo is now fully booked, however, those who are interested in camping are welcome to register for this Field Trip. You will be required to bring their own camping gear. To register to camp see the contact info for Raul Jose, the owner of the Hospedaria Ebo, below.

SIGN UP NOW! Come and see the hippos in the Queve River, traveling inland through Kwanza Sul along fields dotted with granite inselbergs . Also visit the site of the famous battle in November 1975 between South African troops and the combined MPLA and Cuban forces at the Battle of Ebo, a turning point for Angola. And participate in the festivities of a clean and proud Angolan town as the people of Ebo celebrate their annual town festival this weekend. Accommodations and meals are available at Hospedaria Ebo. (Limited number of rooms. Camping available) Download the attached PDF (one page) for prices.

Participants will leave early Friday morning, August 21, driving from Luanda through Donde in Kwanza Norte and then onto Quibala to visit the forteleza and then SW to Ebo, approximately 50 kilometers, returning Sunday late afternoon, possibly through Gabela and Poto Amboim, but this will be a group decision. Gas up your car the day before so you have a full tank. All foreigners need their original passports with valid visas since 3 provincial borders will be crossed. Check to see if security clearance from your company is required. All trips are at your own risk. A four wheel drive is necessary for inland roads. Further details to be provided to those who sign up.

This trip will be directed and organized by Luanda-based native of Ebo, Raul Jose, the owner of the Hospedaria Ebo and all questions should be directed to him. (Neither Tako nor Henriette Koning will be involved in the organizing of this trip.) To register email Raul at and visit for more details. Make sure you include your phone number in your email and mention if you have space in your car for more passengers so vehicle-less people can also participate.

Battle site at Ebo.

Site of the Ebo Battle of 1975.

Manager Maria Luiza.

Maria Lucia, proprieter of the Ebo Hospedaria.