Releasing hatched baby turtles rescued from an unsafe nest

Releasing hatched baby turtles rescued from an unsafe nest at Pria dos Onças.


On Friday, December 5 and December 12, the Angola Field Group will camp on the beach for its annual Turtle Trip. We will join biologist Michel Morais and his research team from Agostinho Neto University who for the past seven years have been tracking turtles nesting on Praia dos Onças, the beach below the Miradouro da Lua (Lunar Landscape), south of Luanda. The photos here are from previous trips to the beach. We will spend the night walking up and down the beach in teams hoping to find turtles laying eggs or we may be lucky enough to witness the release of newly hatched baby turtles rescued from unsafe nests and incubated by the research team. 
We plan to leave the city at 4:30 pm on Friday, to avoid heavy traffic so we can reach the beach in daylight to pitch our tents. Participants must supply their own food and camping gear. A four wheel drive vehicle is necessary. We must keep numbers to a strict limit so please only sign up if you’re serious about going. Final trip details including our meeting spot location will be given once you’ve signed up.

When you are registering for this trip please indicate:

  • if you have room in your vehicle for more passengers or/do you need a lift
  • if you will be leaving from the city or from Luanda Sul
  • which date you prefer, the 5th or the 12th, or if you are flexible.

We are collecting $20.00 from each participant to donate to the Turtle Research Project. To register, email Henriette Koning at as soon as possible.

Praia das Oncas

Map with an arrow pointing to Pria dos Onças (located below Miradouro da Lua). Click on map to enlarge.


An Olive Ridley turtle covering up her eggs.




Turtle (on the right) dropping her eggs in nest. Turtle (on the left) dropping her eggs in nest.



Field group sets up camp on the beach at Praia dos Onças.