Angola’s national icon, the Palanca Negra Gigante (Giant Sable), is considered to be the most beautiful living antelope in the world. And this species is found nowhere else in the world but in the miombo woodlands of Malanje (see map below).

Identified as critically endangered postwar, the Palanca Negra are showing signs of cross breeding. In the next few months an ambitious game-capture and marking operation to immobilize and handle animals will be launched in Cangandala and the giant sables will then be collared so they can be tracked in real time.

Pedro Vaz Pinto, Environmental Advisor for the Catholic University Centre for Scientific Studies and Research, will provide an update on his work with the Palanca Negras. In 2005, the Angola Field Group raised $11,000 to support the Palanca Negra conservation program. We’re looking forward to having Pedro, the program’s Coordinator, share his latest findings with us.

Everybody is welcome to attend this presentation on July 3 at 8:00 pm. In close cooperation with the Viking Club, this event is offered free of charge. Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are sold at the bar, $3.00 each. Drink coupons available. If you would like to view or download a map showing the location of the Viking Club, please click here.

Palanca Negra

Where in the world do the Palanca Negra Gigante live? Only Angola! Click on the map below to see where (a full-size version of the map will open on this page).
Palanca Map