Just confirmed – A Field Trip to see hippos and history!

It’s very short notice but we have been invited to a farm in the picturesque area of Ebo in Kwanza Sul province on the Queve River. We will visit two areas where there are hippo pools and the site of a famous battle between UNITA and FAPLA forces. The farm has sleeping accommodations under construction (no electricity) that can be used or you can take along your tent and camp. There is a small restaurant where meals can be purchased. You will need to provide your bedding but some mattresses are available. We will drive from Luanda through Donde in Kwanza Norte and then onto Quibala where we will turn inland to Ebo, approximately 50 kilometers SW of Quibala. A four wheel drive vehicle is necessary for the inland road.

We will leave Saturday morning at approximately 5:00 AM and return on Monday evening. A full tank of gas is required, plus original documents with valid visas as we will cross 3 provincial borders. Check to see if security clearance from your company is required. Further details to be provided to those who sign up. To register contact Henriette at angolafieldgroup@gmail.com and make sure you include your phone number in your email and mention if you have space in your car for more passengers.
If you have the spirit of adventure and can handle the unexpected, then this trip is for you!