On Saturday April 26, travel up the Kwanza River by motor boat from the mouth of the river to Quicama Park headquarters. For 5 hours we will explore the river’s lagoons and creeks, watch the birds and alligators and photograph isolated villages along the river shore.

Angola Field Group member Peter Holmström has kindly volunteered to organize and coordinate a river field trip that will leave Saturday morning at 10 AM from Barra do Kwanza (launching place will be confirmed to participants) and terminate Saturday afternoon at Kawa in Quicama Park. Here you will have dinner and spend the night in one of the bungalows and depart by car for Luanda the next day after an early morning game drive followed by breakfast on the terrace overlooking the Kwanza River valley. At least two cars and drivers are still needed to meet everyone at the park early Sunday morning. There will be some space for people without vehicles. Peter’s vehicle and driver will transport your luggage from Barra do Kwanza to the park resort so no luggage needs to be taken onboard the boat.

Prices: If there are ten people going, the rental for the boat is $40.00 per person. A bungalow costs $200.00 doubles or $160 singles, breakfast included. Dinner and drinks extra. Tents and mattresses are also available at $60.00 for doubles, breakfast included. The game drive is $20.00. Participants need to pack a lunch to eat while cruising the river. Take along enough liquids for the boat trip as well as sunscreen and sun hats and your documents. All trips are at your own risk.

Contact: To sign up for this trip or if you have questions, please email Peter Holmström directly at pho@welho.com. He will need confirmation of attendance as soon as possible in order to firm up the reservations of the bungalows. Thank you Peter for offering to organize this river adventure!

River taxi on the Kwanza, Quicama Park. Courtesy Peter Holmstrom.

Kwanza River taxi, Quicama National Park. Photo courtesy of Peter Holmström.

Wild life on the Kwanza River, Quicama Park. Courtesy Peter Holmstrom.

Wildlife on the Kwanza, Quicama National Park. Photo courtesy of Peter Holmström.

Kawa Resort, Quicama Park. Courtesy Peter Holmstrom.

Kawa Resort, Quicama National Park. Photo courtesy of Peter Holmström.