On Thursday, April 24, at 8:00pm at the Viking Club, The Angola Field Group invites you to ‘Traveling the Angolan Road’. This travelogue takes you north to M’banza Congo through the province of Zaire, across into Uige and then further east to the famous sights of Malange province. Complete with maps, historical details and set to the beat of Angolan music, German diplomat and life-long nomad Thomas Weber has compiled a presentation that shows part of the 8000 kilometers he has travelled alone through the country since arriving here in 2005 to work for the German Embassy. This is your chance to get tips for the trips you’re planning in-country!

Also take advantage of pre-show shopping at the Angolan Bazaar. You can purchase colourful placemats, napkins and aprons sewn from African prints with proceeds going to an orphanage. Hand made dolls, pine cone birds as well as grown-in-Angola soya by the Huambo women’s cooperative will be on sale, plus Irma Dominga’s shoulder bags that are crocheted with recycled bottle tabs. Kissonde, the popular cartoon book and more books on Angola published by NGOs in English will be available as well.

Everybody is welcome to attend this evening. In close cooperation with the Viking Club, this event is offered free of charge. Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are sold at the bar, $3.00 each. Drink coupons available. For a map and directions click here.

Heading north to the Congo border Trusty Pajero perched on a Pedra Negra

Traveling north to the Congo and a trusty Pajero perched on a Pedra Negra. Photos by Thomas Weber.